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Coach Edwards' top book picks from 2016  

The Story of the Human Body. D. Lieberman 

The Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown 

Sleep.  Nick Littlehales  

The Obstacle is the Way. Ryan Holiday 

Hands down the best book I’ve read since Sapiens, which was 2015 book of the year for me. A fascinating read for anyone who is remotely interested in the evolution of the human body and it’s incredible story. 
Not only is this book phenomenally interesting, but also offers some profound insights to how our modern lifestyles may negatively affect our physical health. From nutrition, to why so many of us are near sighted, the nuggets contained within are wide ranging and often surprising. I found it very refreshing to read a book on this subject that is much more scientific than the popular books available. (And a lot less romanticised). 
I had mixed emotions when I read this book, Excitement about the thought of improving my conditioning, especially aerobic fitness by improving my breathing, but also saddens at the thought I’ve been fucking up something so simple as breathing for years now. 
The crux of the matter is that they way many of us breath today is flawed in a way that actually causes over-breathing and under-oxygenation of the tissues, meaning we get breathless too quickly when training and can vastly improve our performance via correcting this and resetting our bodies sensitivity to carbon-dioxide. With clear programs to follow and results noticeable within a few weeks, I now highly recommend this to all my clients here at EP. We even now test BOLT scores of every newcomer. 
It’s pretty awesome to read a book written by someone you actually know. I first met Nick after reaching out to him on LinkedIn, I couldn't believe I found an elite sport sleep coach. I didn’t know anyone actually did this for a living. Sleep is immensely important for performance no matter your craft. You simply cannot function, perform or recover on poor sleep. So I invited Nick down to have a chat. I was blown away. I thought I knew a lot about sleep, but Nick unloaded a whole payload of knowledge bombs on me. What this guy doesn’t know about sleep is probably not worth knowing, his book is well written, informative and busts a few myths about sleep that may surprise you. I’m hoping to have him on the Podcast really soon. 
I have always been a huge proponent of the philosophy that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you choose to del with it. I definitely would not be where I am today if not were not for this attitude, and I honestly can’t see any other way of approaching the inevitable shit life can throw at you sometimes. In this book Ryan Holiday (who was mentored by one of my favourite authors, Robert Greene), does a fantastic job of articulating and elucidating on this way of thinking. 

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