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Goal Setting isn't enough. 

Seven ways to make better progress and achieve more with goal setting. 
Same old story: Set goals, get highly motivated for a while, get distracted by life, realise six months went by and the goal is still just a goal. 
Then there are some people who seem to set goals, achieve them, set new ones and achieve them on an ongoing basis. I've been both people. At times when I have achieved my best outcomes in life, business and training there have been consistent factors. Here are my keys to achieving goals consistently. 
1. Use and effective and complete structure for setting your goals: 
You can find our process HERE
Many goal setting processes are incomplete, they do not include anything about the actions you will actually need to do or the motivating factors behind why you want to do it! Surely a goal without actionable steps is a daydream. Equally a goal without a strong "why" is a little flacid. 
2. I've eliminated people, behaviours, habits and distractions. 
The world does not care whether you achieve your goals or not, nor is it set up to make them easy. Ultimately there will be many factors surrounding your daily life that will make achieving your goals harder, slower and less enjoyable. The more you can eliminate (even just temporarilly) these factors the faster you will likely progress. 
3. I made peace with my sacrifice. 
In order to be something you have never been, you must do something you have never done. If you have a goal of a better body, life, income or relationship, what you are curently doing is obviously not adequate to achieve it, if it was surely you would already be there? No, it's not good enough. In order to make big change in your life you must make big change in your life. Make peace with whatever you will need to change in order to move towards your goals or change your goals. Otherwise you will simply make yourself unhappy by constantly wrestling with your internal conflict. 
4. I had a coach or mentor. 
The easiest way to learn or achieve anything is to find someone who has already achieved it or something very similar and model them and learn from them. I have been blessed to have been exposed to great mentors who helped me along my path, shared their mistakes and successes and nudged me in the right direction. I have also invested in great coaches who have accelerated my learning remarkably. Why make all the mistakes yourself when so many people have 
5. I conneted with my goal every day. 
We forget, we get distracted, our motivation is remarkably fickle. But as the saying goes; brushing your teeth doesn't last, thats why we do it twice a day. I look at my goals and objectives first thing every single morning. It will inform my decisions for the whole day. Writing down a goal in a notebook and never looking at the notebook again will not keep you on track. I use the morning ritual to keep me on my path. Affirmations are also good because you can say them to yourself anytime anywhere to connect with your goals. 
6. I assessed my progress regularly. 
If you do not measure, check, assess, analyse and correct your prgress and processes you absolutely cannot progress at optimal pace. For example; we measure fat loss client's body fat every week. It allows us to tell if what we're doing is working, if the client is sticking to plan and if we need to change anythng. Not doing so would be presuming that the plan was perfect, the client was perfect and the progress was optimal rate. Obviously this is not the case as the world is not perfect and neither are the individuals in it. 
7. I gave less fucks. (When at my best I gave none whatsoever) 
Caring what other people think is a sure fire way to NOT achieve your goals. Your spouse may not like the way you need to eat or how much you train, your friends may not like how little you join them in the pub. But at least for a short space of time you need to give not a single fuck about any of their opinions. If you do you will experience conflict between trying to make yourself happy by achieving your goals and tryng to make everyone else happy who don't give a fuck about them. Harsh, I know, but soooooo true. 
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