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By Pete Edwards 

EP Open Day  

A great opportunity to find out what EP is all about. and how we get people into the best shape of their lives.  
What to do when you just do not have it. 
We’ve all had days where we simply are not feeling the workout. You know those days when everything feels heavy, the numbers simply are not there and every set feels exhausting. So what should you do about it? 
The old saying “go heavy or go home” often gets seen as being a “hardcore” mantra of the meathead. But in fact it’s good advice. If your body is not capable of lifting the same loads it’s usually capable of lifting you have no business training that day. You may well make better progress over time by canning that particular workout and spending the rest of the day recovering. Put yourself in a situation where you’re able to come back and crush it the next day. 
Many people will poo poo this as being a weak or soft strategy, and call for more toughness in your approach. So let me be clear on what I mean here. If you don’t feel like working out and would rather ride the couch, you’re probably just being lazy. If you are convincing yourself that you should probably miss your workout because you didn’t sleep well and you’ve got a stressful day ahead, you should probably down a hearty dose of strong coffee and get the f**k on with it. If your wrist is niggling and your legs are full of DOMs you’re probably trying convince yourself that your wingery is a full blown injury and you should probably grow a pair and crack on. 
But if you’re warmed up, in the gym and giving it your all, but the weight simply wont move and the sets are hitting failure 3 reps earlier that usual, you’re under-recovered. In this scenario you are better to terminate the session for the day. 
Here’s exactly how we handle this at EP. 
Client sucks on the “A” movement: He did 100kg for 7 on last weeks first set and he just made a 54 rep warm up set at 85 look like a max. - Terminate the A movement and move on to the B. 
Often, this strategy will result in a great progression on the B movement as you’re doing t without carrying the fatigue from the A movement. If this is the case, continue with the workout. 
If the “”B” movement sucks as well, terminate the session, go and eat some food (lots of food) and get a good nights sleep. come back and try again tomorrow. 
If you choose to push through a terrible session with low numbers all round you will not get stronger and you will overtax an already overtaxed recovery system. You’re not helping yourself. 
Don’t let pride get in the way of smart training. Hard work unintelligently applied is waste. 
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