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Low carb melting middle chocolate puddings. 

Low carb melting middle chocolate puddings. 
" Holy shitballs Edwards, that chocolate pudding is awesome. Well Played". - the message I received from the last client I gave ths recipe to. 
This chocolate pudding is very low carb, moderate protein and fats and can be enjoyed even if you're cutting. they take minutes to make and are delicious. (serves 4) 
You will need: 
100g 85% dark chocolate (I use green and blacks) 
4 eggs 
50g xylitol or 30g stevia 
1 tsp gluten free flour 
What to do: 
1. beat eggs 
2. melt chocolate 
3. mix these two together 
4. mix in sweetener and flour 
5. divide evenly into 4 ramekins 
6. bake for EXACTLY 9 MINUTES at 200 degrees (ensure oven is preheated properly. 
7. ENJOY! 
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