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Mastery. Robert Greene 

Not a short book, but one well worth the read. Will give you an insight into what true mastery takes. Warning; this book may make you realise the reality of what you're asking for. We've all heard of the 10,000-hour rule. This book explains what happens after 20,000 and more. It really made me value and think about the long-term journey I'm on. 

The One Thing. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan 

Of all the books recommended here, this one provides the best daily habit you can adopt to get more done, choose more effective activities and manage workload better. Recommended to me by the great Charles Poliquin, this book is a great resource for becoming more productive and less wasteful in your activities 

The Art Of Learning. Josh Waitzkin 

Becoming world champion in any discipline is incredible. Doing it in two different disciplines is almost impossible. Josh did just that, success leaves clues, find his here. His deep reflections on methodology and his thoughts on the journey to world-class performance are inspiring and invaluable. Also, check out the tow interviews with josh on the Tim Ferris Show podcast. 

The Talent Code. Daniel Coyle 

Will provide an understanding of exactly how practice leads to performance, and how to practice for performance. Explains the physiology of talent and how to develop it. This understanding should completely change the way you train and the way you approach your skill development. I hope you read this early enough in your career to get the most from it. It's not all about the volume of training but the quality of it. 

Relentless. Tim S Grover 

Written by a man who did what I do for some of the best basketball players in history such as the great Michael Jordan. Insights into what makes some good and others unstoppable. This book is about mindset. It will ask some tough questions of you and your desires. Some will come away from this read inspired, others deterred. Steve and I couldn't put it down when we read this. 
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