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Written Articles 

Essentials of conditioning for Ice Hockey.  

How to ensure you're game ready come pre season.  

The Power Of Why. 

How to stay motivated and crush your goals. 

The Basics of Fat Loss 

The five most basic fat loss habbits.  

What to do when you just don't have it in the gym. 

"Go Heavy Or Go Home" isn't a hardcore mantra, but actually sound advice.  

Calorie Counting And Cardio 

A deadly combination that leads to poor results and poor health. 

Why Strength Training Is Critical For The Over 50s 

Strength training is one of the most powerful things you can do for health over 50 

Strength Training Over 50 Part 2 

There are too many benefits to write about in one article! 

The Problem With Group Exercise. 

Why at some point you have to graduate from bootcamps and classes. 

Conditioning, Never Cardio. 

How you should do conditioning for real results, and what you're doing wrong. 

The Five Books You Need To Read If Pursuing Excellence 

These are books I consider essential for anyone trying to become world class in sports 

Making Weight 

How to drop weight rapidly for competitions, a thourough guide and case study. 

Audio and Video 

Athletic Hypertrophy. 

How athletes can gain functional muscle that helps speed, strength and performance. 
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