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Pete Edwards founded Edwards Performance in 2014. The purpose was to create a company that could deliver his training philosophy to people all over the world, helping them to thrive and acheive the best shape of their lives. 
During his 13 years in the sports and fitness industries Pete has accomplished many career milestones. Including medals in world championships with three clients in three different sports. (Gold in triathlon, Bronze in BJJ and Silver in Ice Hockey). He has helped produce professional athletes in multiple sports including basketball, football and golf. Pete was the youngest Director of Performance and Training in the UK at 25, and, not least of all, he has helped hundreds of non-athletes acheive the best shape of their lives. 

Words From The Coach 

I was disgusted. The level of performance that most people were willing to accept as completely normal was an embarrasmnet. Guys in their 40's going to the doctor with back pain and getting told they were just getting old. Women in their 30's gaining weight slowly and accepting it as inevitable. It was both a shock to me and quite angering. The human body is capable of such rich and incredible life that accepting these completely preventable degenerations was abhorent to me. This was my first impression of training non-athletes when I first took on private clients outside the sports world. I made it my mission to develop and teach a solution for these people.  
That has now become The EP Way. A congruent, complete and highly impactful way of living, eating and training that produces serious results across the board.  

Founder and Head Coach, Pete Edwards 

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