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Our purpose, our mission, is to help people thrive. We are each given a life, we each hope to lead the best life we can and maximally enjoy the longest, healthiest life we can. Many people do not realize just how much control we can take over our health, longevity and physique in the modern world. 
None of us want to struggle with our weight, never see our abs, watch our bodies and minds degenerate as we age or struggle with health on a daily basis. We have the knowledge today to keep our bodies healthy and robust through every life stage. We can slow the aging process, we can be in great shape well into our senior years. We can stay active, independent and energetic through all life stages. We know how to stave off disease and reduce our risk of suffering from any of the degenerative conditions that are our societies biggest killers. 
In addition, we can do all of this without becoming obsessive. We can achieve everything above by adopting simple, lifelong habits that can be enjoyed every single day without vast inconvenience, without social sacrifice and without dogmatic adherence to unrealistic diets and rules for living. 
Don't get me wrong. Health can be very inconvenient in today's world. Eating consistently well can require some thought, some preparation and a little extra time. But the results are worth every single second spent on the process. 
Thriving involves more than just looking good. It includes having a robust immune system, absent from disease, happy, energetic, well nourished, strong, fit, a great libido, able to concentrate and remember, even having drive to get things done. To achieve this you can't simply restrict calories. That leaves you tired, cold, ill, weak, disinterested, lethargic, craving food, unable to sleep, not enjoying your food and even lacking the basic drive to procreate (if you follow my meaning). Who wants a lean body at this cost? 
This pattern is common but not necessary. Think about it. Do we store large amounts of fat as a species? Are we genetically fat species? No culture ever discovered has had a problem with obesity until western foods and lifestyle factors were introduced. This piece of information is HUGE. It means that our lifestyles take us away from our natural state of leanness, health and vitality. 
Think about that! If you are blessed enough to have been born without specific health conditions or disease, you were born to be a strong, lean, smart, robust human being. The pride of evolution, a walking talking statement of the miracle of life! Does that describe you? If not, it is likely that you are selling yourself short of your potential physically and intellectually! 
This is what we're about at EP. We are here to help you get closer to that incipient genetic potential. That incredible version of your body and brain that you could (and should) be experiencing your daily life through. 
There are a few tools we use to get this done and help you thrive. Our primary weapon is nutrition. We teach you the truth about how to eat each and every day to keep your body in shape and do the best you can to nourish yourself through life. This is what we refer to as your baseline diet. We also have a few “special” protocols that we use from time to time to accelerate fat loss or muscle gain as needed. 
The joint most important component of our arsenal is bloody hard physical endeavour! It may sound like a put-off to some, but I ask you: Is it really too much to ask to put yourself through 3-4 bouts of 40 minutes per week of physically demanding training? Just 40 minutes of intense, focused, effort? That represents less than 2% of your week. The rewards include a better physique, probably a longer life, definitely a longer health span, and the body of someone probably 10-20 years younger than your actual age? We think that's a fair exchange and then some! 
We also provide our members with an "inner circle" newsletter and seminars to help educate to a great level the finer details of how to live to thrive our way! 
Finally. For those who want to take the pursuit of vitality further, and thrive as best they possibly can. We are proud to be partnered with Gore biosciences. The director Callum Gore is genuinely one of the smartest guys I know. His specialist knowledge of advanced lab testing is first class. Him and his team provide our clients with advanced and detailed assessments that takes all guesswork out of getting healthier. 
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