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Rapid Fat Loss Training Camp 

Only 6 places per camp. Next Camp Starting February 19th.  ENROL NOW  

Each Camp Consists Of:  6 Weeks  12 group-based resistance training sessions 12 conditioning sessions 4 body composition assessments Rapid Fat Loss nutrition protocol Custom supplement protocol Ongoing coach support Private forum  AVERAGE FAT LOSS OF 5%  Based on participants from the last three camps    £247 Per Person  ENROL NOW  

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What to expect.  
Fat loss is the most common motivation behind an individual deciding to get in shape. Slow and steady approaches are optimal for health and wellbeing, but rapid approaches have great credence for short-term goals. The Rapid Fat Loss training camp is designed as a short-term, aggressive training and nutrition protocol designed to drop significant amounts of fat in a short space of time.  
Please understand, that in order to maintain the gains made during this sprint for leanness, you must adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle and make training part of your path. We can help you with that later down the line. But for now, we will provide you with every piece of information you need to drop fat very quickly.  
The Metabolic Weight Training sessions you will complete twice per week are gruelling and unforgiving. They are high volume, high density sessions that will challenge you to new levels. Pushing your body to produce a very high amount of metabolic work in a short space of time to stimulate fat loss.  
The conditioning sessions will be no walk in the park. (For more on conditioning click here). These sessions will be performed on the wattbike, last around 20 minutes and often have even the fittest trainee gasping for air. Don't be put off if you class yourself as unfit. This type of training will have a quick impact on your cardiovascular fitness and within a few sessions you'll begin handling the workload more easilly.  
On day one we will take your body fat percentage for tracking purposes. We will also take a Nutritional Medical Profile. Together, these assessments will help us tailor the nutritional plan to you and make sure results are optimal.  
We will repeat this assessment in week 2, 4 and 6 to help track your results and tweak your approaches as we go. 


Exceptional rescources!  

Each participant will receive access to the RFL basecamp. A rich source of nutritional resources that help take all the guesswork away from the process and guide you through the three phase nutritional program step by step. In addition your coach will help you through any questions or roadblocks you may have. We'll be adding even more for the next camp. With nearly 2 hours of audio to help you make progress during the 6 weeks of training and maintain your results after you finish.  
We're so confident that you will drop significant levels of body fat on this camp that we will 100% guarantee your money back if you follow the process and do not lose fat!  
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