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Coached more than 12 athletes to 20+ medals at the European and World Championship levels, in 5 different sports.  
19 years of experience coaching athletes to higher performance. 
S&C coach to Nottingham Panthers for 3 championship campaigns. 

Athletes and organisations we've worked with 

OLLIE BETTERIDGE | Nottingham Panthers and Team GB. (World championship medalist) 
VICTOR ESTIMA | Multiple BJJ world championship medalist (Black Belt) 


Quality information.   Good sources of information can be hard to find  The world of nutrition is full of misinformation   This seminar provides trustworthy and tested information. All our protocols are based in science and practical experience.  


Nutrition is complex.   But real world strategies need to be simple  Simple but accurate and actionable information is crucial.  Protocols provided here are simple, actionable, and highly effective. Tested at the highest levels.  


The supplement mine field.  Supplements can help. But they can also be a waste of money.   Separating science from marketing is hard.   Here we separate fact from hype and spotlight the few safe and effective supplements for health and performance  


Game Day Nutrition | Webinar Outline  


Game day nutrition starts the day before. Learn how what you eat 25-36 hours before competition affects how well fuelled you are come crunch time. Learn concrete strategies proven to work in both studies and practice.  


The few hours leading up to a competition are important to get dialed in. Choices here can fuel performance or hinder it. Finding a strategy that works well for you can make all the difference.  


Each type of event has its own optimal fueling strategy. From nothing, to nothing but water, to gels powders and even solid food. We provide solid strategies for endurance, power and team sports events.  


What you ingest after teh game determines how quickly you will recover from that game. With many athletes, such as my ice hockey players, needing to compete multiple times per week, this window is critical.  


Presentations on each issue listed above. 
Protocols for day before, pre game, intra game and post game fuelling.  
Printable PDF's for each protocol.  
Guest speaker; an elite athlete from our stable sharing real world experience and tips.  


Online Access to lectures on advanced recovery methods.  
Strength training guide with 4 sample programs  

"I get the best from my body thanks to the work I've done with Pete and his team at EP. "  - Ollie Betteridge | Nottingham Panthers and GB Ice Hockey 

UPCOMING DATES  MARCH. THURSDAY 10th. 16:30. 90min. 

TESTIMONIAL | DAVID CLARKE   "Pete's knowledge is unparalelled in human performance. I trusted him with my body when I was playing, and he kept me functional and performing at a level higher than I could have acheived alone.   - GB ice hockey legend. Director of performance | Instinct Lab 

TESTIMONIAL | STEVE LEE  The team at Edwards Performance have been a major part of my physical preparation in the off season for years. I always feel in great shape going into the season. They always understand what my body needs to perform.   - Nottingham Panthers and Team GB Ice Hockey.  

TESTIMONIAL | VICTOR ESTIMA   When I met Pete I had had 18 months out of competing due to injury. 9 months later I medalled in every major international competition including the world championships. What more can I say?   - Multiple world championship medalist | BJJ 


We believe that the pursuit of one’s potential is a worthy and noble endeavor. We are on a mission to coach the most ambitious and driven young athletes in the UK towards world-class performance. 
We have a vision of a higher standard of physical preparation in a youth team sport. A standard that allows more young athletes to realize their highest potential, and enjoy higher levels of competition in sport. 
Founded by Pete Edwards, once the youngest performance director in the UK, now in his 20th year in performance coaching. During coach Edwards’ career, he has coached more than a dozen athletes to 20+ medals at the European and world championships in 5 different sports. 
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