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Whilst perusing my career in basketball I have had the opportunity to work with many personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and fitness coaches whilst being with many professional teams. Thankfully in my journey I have had the privilege of working with coach Peter Edwards and I was lucky because I started to work with him before I met the other strength coaches. In my time with him I have learnt a great deal and made huge improvements but most importantly I can now differentiate between the correct exercises or intensity or nutrition which has saved me from injury or useless exercises with other coaches because of Peters excellent teaching methods and persistence in helping and improving me as an athlete and as a human. His attention to detail and pursuing of new knowledge is second to none and I look forward to working with him more in the future to make even greater gains. 
Mehrdad Lotfian 
Professional basketball player 
I first sought Peter out to help with my body composition and to be educated at the same time whilst I was working along side him as a personal trainer. I needed to drop body fat quickly and learn how to implement those fat loss strategies with my clients. I dropped from 24% down to 16% in 8 weeks!! Since then my health, life, business and training has gone from strength to strength because of being taught in a direct, no nonsense but sincerely helpful manner. The training and nutritional plans I was given were straight forward, well planned out and super tough and they've got me amazing results. I owe Peter a lot and anyone should consider hiring him as a coach for goals even as simple as learning. 
Jonny Peck 
I first came to Pete after having recently moved to the area and needing to help rehabilitate my back and shoulder. My Physio felt that I needed someone to tailor exercises to work the correct muscles to develop strength and control in the right areas without me injuring myself again. Pete was recommended through a friend who had known him for a long time and been trained by him previously. 
I started by having one-to-one sessions with pete taking me through movements and developing my understanding of the exercises I needed to concentrate on, errors I was making and ways to make sure I wasn't going to hurt myself. As I felt more confident Pete created programmes for me to follow on my own that developed on our initial work together and provided the constant challenge necessary for development. 
I have had serious lower back and shoulder problems for the past 15 years that led to my retirement from competitive sport. With pete's help I have not only been able to train in a safe but challenging way, I have become stronger and more athletic than I have felt before. Not only this but my understanding of training has increased dramatically. I had previously done a degree in exercise and sports science and I felt humbled by the knowledge this guy has. 
I couldn't be happier with the service. I'd recommend to anyone (and have done) that is looking to challenge themselves, develop their strength and conditioning, get in shape or improve athletic performance. A guy that actually works to your goals and is invested in you, with knowledge that he's able to pitch at the appropriate level and despite the pain and fatigue keep you coming back for more. 
Alistair Bailie 
Training with Pete Edwards took me to the next level, literally. Pete's outstanding training and nutrition regiment put me in the best shape of my life. I increased my strength, speed and lean muscle mass while dropping body fat to 7%. His coaching was excellent and helped me excel not only physically but also mentally using a hollistic approach to training. I can confidently say that I would not of be where I am today without the help of Pete and his staff. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to train with Pete 
Aaron Maher 
Birmingham Knights 
The training schedule that works. 
I asked Pete and Steve if they would train me to look in the shape of my life for my wedding. My wife and I were to be married in Scotland and naturally I was to wear a kilt. The whole onus for my training was the Highland games we put on before the ceremony. I wanted to don my white vest and look like the man on the Scotch porridge oats box. 
Pete was totally understanding in my needs and after an initial bio signature we were straight into training. 
I would put my self into the highly motivated bracket but when you feel like you should stop maybe a little short of your rep goal either Steve or Pete would be on hand to offer words of encouragement to push you on to complete or even surpass your goal. This is the difference between training on your own and taking the professional approach. 
Within three months my diet had been defined, my supplementation bought into line and I was burning fat and stacking on muscle. I hasten to add that it was some of the most enjoyable training I have ever done because of the variety of the program and the results I gained. 
Even though I was always looking forward to a training session there were aires of apprehension about how punishing the workout would be, but always they were fun. 
I can honestly say Pete and Steve are truly the best PT's I have had the pleasure to work with. It was a harsh lesson to learn but if your training under your own motivation your not training to your full potential. 
If you want results and you want them conveyed effectively and efficiently then give Pete a shout and take your traing to the next level. 
Ant Duncan  
Endurance Athlete, Caber tossing wanna-be. 
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