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Sports Therapy at EP  

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Sports Therapy 

Scott Poundal joins the Edwards Performance team with over 10 years of experience working in professional sports. During this time he has been head of health and fitness for the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club, organised and provided medical cover for the Masters Football and has worked with numerous other athletes and celebrities in private practice. He has built links within the medical community in the city and has vast experience in treating complex injuries in pressure situations, with a proven track record of enabling people from a variety of backgrounds to be pain-free and return back to previous activity. 
Scott’s specialises in treating: 
Sports injuries 
Low back and neck pain 
Biomechanical insufficiency's, with or without pain 
Assessments involve a detailed investigation of your pain, posture and movement dysfunction, with the purpose of identifying the source of the patient’s complaint and then creating a detailed treatment plan specific to the individuals needs and expectations. Scott uses a variety of hands-on techniques, such as osteopathic spinal manipulation, joint mobilisation and massage, to provide effective treatments and relief from pain.  
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Sports Massage  

Short, highly impactful and cost effective sports massage treatments.  
Based on how professional sports teams do it.  
20 Minute Treatments.  
Sports massage should be to the point. Go into the therapy room of any professional sports team and you'll see short, specific, targeted treatments. You'll also see athletes getting treatments multiple times per week. The fact is if you train hard you'll need soft tissue work. By using short treatments more regularly, you get faster improvements in function and faster reductions in pain. 
More Frequent Treatments.  
Even serious athletes under-use massage. Quality soft tissue treatments are an indispensable part of any serious athletes regimen. But the fact that most therapists only offer 60 minute sessions makes it cost prohibitive and inconvenient to get regular treatments. By charging only £18 for each treatment we are able to treat you more frequently. Three 20 minute treatments spread over a 10 days will serve you far better than a single hour-long treatment.  
Not Just For Athletes. 
Not an athlete? Don't write off soft tissue therapy. Just look at the statistics on the poster to the left. Musculoskeletal disorders make up 55% of work-related illness and is a leading contributor to time off work. If you're in physical pain, you're likely suffering from a musculoskeletal issue that can be easily alleviated by soft tissue work.  
Neck And Shoulder Pain.  
If you work at a desk all day, the chances are that you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, maybe even headaches, on a regular basis. A short, but effective, soft tissue treatment can be immediately relieving and is much better for you than pain killers in the long term.  
EP Soft tissue specialist Seti Singleton Leo  


Injury Rehab at EP 

Our Unique Service  

Due to our unique combination of skill sets and facility under one roof, EP can offer comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation like no other.  
We can return you to full training and performance faster than any other sports injury solution in Nottingham.  
Through the combination of highly qualified and experienced sports therapists and strength coaches, we continue the rehabilitation process further than other services. We ensure you have a far more complete rehabilitation journey than simply treatment alone can offer. We return you to training stronger than you were before you got injured. This far more complete approach massively reduces re-injury rates and reduces the number of days spent sidelined due to injury. It is the exact system we have implemented with high level athletes like David Clarke and Miika Wiikman of the Nottingham Panthers, Victor Estima and Tom Bracher (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world championship medalists), and Amanda Hillary (European champion and national record holding powerlifter).  
If you need to get back to training quickly and confidently compete again without fearing re-injury, we can help like no other. Enquire today.  
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